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    What advantages do study participation have?

    All investigations and assessments during a clinical trial are very comprehensive and thorough. There are no costs either for the study participant or for their health insurance. We have adequate time for the consulting and therapy of your special disease.

    Further advantages for you:

    • You have the possibility to profit from new therapies
    • The therapy is exempt from charges
    • You will receive some medical assessments, which are expensive and partially not reimbursed by the health insurance
    • As a study participant you know the true promise of a special status and comfort
    • With our friendly, competent and motivated team, we take care for you in a comfortable environment
    • We have enough time for you
    • There are no waiting times through emergencies or non-scheduled patients
    • Your further treatment remains with your General Practitioner or specialist
    • With your study participation you support the medical progress, because without clinical studies no innovative medication can be prescribed.

    Patient information

    Download "General patient information"

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    Current clinical trials

    We are looking for patients with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis, hand eczema, birch pollen allergy and psoriasis 

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