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    How can I participate in a clinical study?

    KliFOs has been recommended to you by your physician…

    Your physician decided that study participation might help you, because the new treatment could be more effective than your current standard. If you are interested in study participation, please ask you physician to get in touch with us. The easiest way is to ask the medical secretary to forward us your name, phone number and some details about your disease. At which point, we will contact you to schedule an initial consultation at KliFOs.

    We got your attention via other recommendations, advertisements or internet…

    • And you would like to register for a clinical study? In that case, please register online at under point …for patients / registration for interested patient (only in German). The registration is free of charge and without obligation. As soon as we start a clinical study for your disease, we give you a call to schedule a first visit. Please send us an email. We would be glad to help you!
    • Interested in a current study? Please call us directly or send us an email.


    KliFOs - Klinische Forschung Osnabrück

    Dr. rer. medic. Britta Bunselmeyer

    Hakenstr. 1

    49074 Osnabrück

    Phone: +49 541 - 800 490 330

    Fax: +49 541 - 800 490 350

    Email: info (at)

    Patient information

    Download "General patient information"

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    Current clinical trials

    We are looking for patients with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis, hand eczema, birch pollen allergy and psoriasis 

    More clinical trials...


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